evohome Beta Firmware Trial Application

Resideo are accepting applications for a public Beta trial of the new firmware update for evohome. The new 2020 update provides some new features, including:

  • Cold Weather Boost
  • Warm Summer Saver
  • Advanced Load Scaling

To apply please complete the information required.

Please note there are limited spaces available, so applications may be rejected.  We will endeavor to accommodate everyone we can. Those unsuccessful will receive notification and will be queued for a possible second phase, or an update when the new features are launching.

Right to Opt Out

Should you wish at any time to not have your data monitored as part of this Beta trial you can opt out by removing access from your account.  
Go to the Account tab of your TCC Portal and delete the ‘Automated Home Beta Tester’ within the Service Company Permissions.

Adding the beta software via TCC

Used to register your evohome and your login.
This is found inside the ‘wi-fi’ settings, within the ‘settings’ menu.

Successful applicants will be notified by email and the upgrade process will be initiated shortly after. Trial spaces are limited, but ongoing, so once you have logged your application please be patient.

To conclude your application, please agree to the below terms and conditions.

Beta Test is an end–user test of the product under normal operating conditions. The purpose of the Beta Test is to help determine whether the product’s functionality, reliability and maintainability are acceptable prior to release of the product by Resideo.

Resideo agrees to:

  1. Provide the Product to the Beta Test Customer for the duration of the Beta Test period which is expected to run up to full release, but subject to termination by either party at any time.
  2. Notify the Beta Test Customer when full product is released.  

Beta Test Customer agrees to:

  1. Accept that Resideo is not liable for any consequential damages due to faulty operation of the software.
  2. Indemnify and keep indemnified Resideo against any liability, actions, claims, demands, damages, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by Resideo in connection with or arising in any way out of a breach by the Beta Test Customer of the provisions of this agreement.
  3. Notify Resideo of any errors promptly, providing logs and configuration details on request (preferably using the attached Beta Site System Report form).
  4. Work with Resideo (testing different software versions if necessary) to solve any errors.
  5. Not to distribute the product to any other third party.
  6. Not to make copies of the Product.
  7. Not to disclose any information about the product to any third party.
  8. Allow Resideo to remove the beta test firmware.
  9. Allow Resideo access to data and information of the firmware use, to enable product improvement. No data will be released beyond Resideo or shared with anyone outside Resideo.
  10. Agree to be contacted by Resideo and possibly be asked about the system and follow up on any feedback given.