How Apple HomeKit Works

With Apple HomeKit, you use the helpful voice assistant, Siri, to control your thermostat and other home comforts. Compatible with most Apple devices, it lets you control everything with just one app, making all your connected devices work harder — and smarter — and changing your home, in a positive way.

Total Control

HomeKit uses a single common language to control all your products and apps. So there’s no issue if you have a Honeywell Home Thermostat and lights made by another manufacturer – they all work in perfect harmony with just one app controlling all your products.

This complete control will really show what your smart devices can do. When it turns chilly, your T6 Thermostat will come on automatically to keep your family snug. Nights getting dark? HomeKit will make sure your house lights are shining when you need them most.

Use Siri To Control Your Home

Adjusting your home comforts is easy – simply tell Siri what to do with one of the many simple phrases. Cosying up with a movie and popcorn? Just say "Film night" and Siri will dim the lights, lock the front door and get the temperature just right. You can also use specific phrases for individual devices, such as "Set my home to 21°C."

You don't even need to be at home to stay in control. So if your Apple TV® and phone are logged into the same iCloud account, you can lower the heat while you're out, then get things warm again for your return.

How To Get Started

Controlling your Thermostat or smart devices with HomeKit is simple - all you need is an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple TV. 

First, sign into iCloud and enable your iCloud keychain and Siri in 'Settings'. Next, follow the onscreen prompts, choosing your home hub device and entering your eight-digit HomeKit code. The app will then pair with your device, and let you know when your thermostat has been added. Finally, choose the room where your thermostat is located and you're ready to go.

Note: For remote access, you’ll need Apple TV (4th generation) or an iPad. HomeKit does not work with Android or Windows devices or if you have an older non-HomeKit enabled device. 

Set The Scene... Perfectly

From lights, to heating and sensors, HomeKit makes it easy to create a comfy and convenient smart home, step by step. 

Whether you choose one HomeKit-enabled device, or a whole range working together, the technology means you can easily transform your home and set the scene, to suit your lifestyle.

Thanks to scenes, your smart home can also perform multiple actions with just one voice command. Going to bed? Just tell Siri and she'll set the alarm and switch off the lights. When you wake in the morning she'll put the kettle on –  all at the sound of your voice.

Safe And Secure

Thanks to its security features, including end-to-end encryption and smart device authentication, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing  your HomeKit provides the latest in safe technology.

Be Prepared For Tomorrow

The beauty of HomeKit is there's no rush, you can add smart devices as you like, over time. It's common language works with such a wide range of technology, you can build up your smart home system as and when you're ready.

Any new HomeKit-enabled devices will work seamlessly with your existing smart home technology. So it adapts to your lifestyle and means you're always in control if your priorities change.

Products that work with Apple HomeKit