Your Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat comes with professional installation by a Honeywell certified engineer included in the price.

Honeywell thermostats are easy for you to operate, and easy for a Honeywell certified engineer to install.

The one piece Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat replaces your existing Direct Expansion (DX) cooling and heating system thermostat. This can be installed and connected in around 90minutes.

Call us now on 800-HWL (800495) to arrange your free installation.

Pre-installation checklist

To ensure your installation is quick and easy, please review this list.

  • This included installation service is only available in the UAE
  • You must have a working DX Air Conditioning system and an existing DX Thermostat controlling it
  • You must have a Wi-Fi router connecting your home to the internet
  • You will need a smart mobile device with either Apple iOS 7.0 or above or Android 4.4 or above
  • You will need to create a Honeywell Get Connected account with a username and password
  • You will need to download the Honeywell ‘Total Connect Comfort Intl App’

If you have any doubts, call us on 800-HWL (800495) so we can answer all your questions or concerns.


Step 1

As soon as you have purchased your Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, call our toll free number 800-HWL (800495). We will set up an appointment with you at your home to carry out the installation of your thermostat. You will be asked to provide us with your preferred, date, time, contact details, address and purchasing receipt number including the retail outlet you made the purchase from.

Step 2

Our certified installer will contact you via e-mail and phone to re-confirm the installation date and go through the checklist.

Step 3

Our certified installer will carry out the installation and setup your connection within 5 working days from the date of your first call. Please provide the installer with the proof of purchase.

Looking for more information on installation?

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions below and select a question to see its answer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I qualify for the free installation service?

You qualify for the free installation service if:

  • Your thermostats part no. TH9580WF1021/U
  • You have purchased the unit from UAE
  • Your thermostats will be installed in UAE main cities DXB, AD, Al-Ain, RAK, FUJ, UMQ
  • You have an installed and working thermostat for your DX or Compressor based air conditioning system, “Please note that TH9580WF1021 doesn’t work with split unit AC or chilled water based AC"
  • For new villa or apartment:
    • 24V power supply to the thermostat location
    • Wiring connected to the existing AC compressor unit


Is my air-conditioning system compatible with the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Honeywell?
  • The thermostats are designed to work with DX or Compressor based AC, in simple words, you have another outdoor unit on your roof that cools down a gas which cools down your home air
  • It isn’t compatible with your AC if you have to pay a monthly bill for chilled water consumption to district cooling companies like Empower, Tabreed and Palm Utilities etc…
  • If you have a manual switch to change the fan speed in your thermostat, most probably you have a FCU which isn’t compatible with the Wi-Fi thermostat now
  • In general, the Wi-Fi thermostat TH9580WF1021 isn’t compatible with the following systems: 
    • Chilled Water based Fan Coil Unit knows as FCU
    • Decorative Split Unit
    • VRF Units
    • Window AC Units


What is the difference between FCU and DX air-conditioning systems?
  • DX air conditioning (AC) system is based on an outdoor unit called “compressor" which is pumping gas in tubes which cool down your home air
  • FCU air conditioning (AC) is based on cold water that is pumped by district cooling companies or Main Chillers in your building, the chilled water is pumped in pipes that cools down your home air
  • For DX AC system, consumers pay for your consumption as part of the monthly electricity bill while for FCU, consumers usually pay a separate bill for chilled water consumption beside the electricity bill
  • DX AC system are mostly used for villas and apartments in low rise buildings
  • FCU AC system is mostly used for high rise buildings and newly developed highly populated areas
Installation Service - What is included and excluded within this free service?


  • Replace your existing 24V thermostats with the new Wi-Fi thermostat for your DX AC
  • Connect and register your Wi-Fi thermostat to Honeywell Cloud and link it to your total connect comfort account “Please make sure you have an active internet connection"
  • Training to use the Wi-Fi thermostat, connect and reconnect the thermostat to Wi-Fi network and create a schedule
  • Training to use the mobile application 


  • Connecting Wi-Fi thermostat to incompatible AC units
  • Pulling wiring or termination to AC units
  • Replacing 230V thermostat requires an additional transformer
  • Any kind of civil works


How to book my free installation?
  • Call our installation number - 800-HWL (800495) 
  • Pick your convenient time & date to get your Wi-Fi installed
  • Provide your contact details (mobile number, email, address, invoice number and outlet you bought the thermostat from) 
  • To ensure fast and proper installation, you will be asked a couple of questions related to the status of you AC unit
  • You will receive a confirmation call/email with the confirmed date and time to visit you
  • Our Certified Engineer will visit you within 5 working days from the date you place your installation request
  • Please make sure to have the purchase proof  
  • Please find the MAC & CRC codes in the Wi-Fi thermostats box and give it to the Engineer
  • Please make sure to have an internet connectivity with the Wi-Fi network login credentials available


Pre-Installation – What else do I need know
  • Please make sure that your Air Conditioning system is compatible with your Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Your Wi-Fi thermostats TH9580WF1021 is designed to be compatible with DX or Compressor based Air Condition system which depends on gas passing in tubes to cool the air
  • Wi-Fi thermostats TH9580WF1021 doesn’t work with Split Units, Window Units, VRF or FCU Air Conditioning systems
  • If you are living in a villa or in an apartment in a low rise residential building, you are most likely to have DX compatible system 
  • Please select the most convenient time to have the installation team visiting your home to get your thermostats installed
  • Please make sure you have an internet connectivity with Wi-Fi router, minimum download speed of 256Kbps
  • You can create your own account on before the installation team arrive
  • You can download the app on your smart mobile device and you can download it to as many devices as you want
  • You can link as many thermostats as you want to your account whether your thermostats are in one house or one country or one continent
  • The MAC address and CRC codes are unique for each thermostats and with MAC address you can link any thermostat to your online Honeywell account


How long will an installation take?
  • Depends on your internet speed and provided that all the minimum requirements are met, installation shouldn’t take more than 90 mins
  • Please make sure to confirm the convenient time to visit you for the installation service


What if I need to return the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat because my system is not compatible?

Why might you need to return your Wi-Fi thermostat?

  • Because you discover it is not compatible with your home system but not until after you have purchased it
  • Because the installer is unable to go ahead with the installation for whatever reason

Then good news, it is very simple

  • You have a 14 days’ money back guarantee
  • You will need to return the thermostat to the store you purchased it from
  • Please make sure to bring it back undamaged, in its original box and with all the correct packaging and instructions and installation kit
  • Please remember, if the product returned damage or there are signs that it has been used, then the store you purchased it from will be unable to refund you


Why should I not install the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat myself?

Although it is very simple to install and operate however, we recommend you to leave the installation to the professional team because:

  • The certified engineers are trained to recognize the type of AC units you have and can determine the best way to professionally install your thermostats
  • Even though the thermostat is 24V AC, handling the wiring properly can save you the electric shock risk
  • Peace of mind is what we promise you by having your Wi-Fi thermostat installed and fixed professionally so that you can enjoy the comfort and energy saving
  • Having your thermostats installed by certified Honeywell Team will grant you free of trouble operation for the life time of your AC


What if I have a problem after my installation?
  • If your thermostat were installed by Honeywell certified professionals, then you get one-year warranty
  • If you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ Please call our installation number on 800-HWL (800495)  or send us an Email on ([email protected])


What countries are Thermostats Free installation available in?

“TH9580WF1021” thermostats free installation is currently only available within the UAE

What smartphone operating system can be used with my thermostat

You must have a smart device (phone/tablet) Apple iOS or Android, we do not yet support Windows

What information will the installer need during the process?

Please be ready with your Wi-Fi network logon username and password

What app do I need to download to my smart phone?
  • You will need to download the Honeywell Total Connected Comfort International App
  • This is available from Apple App store

  • Also available in Google Play App store


What web browser supports MyTotalConnectedComfort International?

You will need access to a web browser to register ‘MyTotalConnectedComfort International’ account. You can use IE10+, Chrome, Firefox or Safari  


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